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Environmentalism…dead? Hmm… by denah
February 5, 2008, 2:10 pm
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Is environmentalism actually dead? I read the article about this idea of Environmentalism as dead and took the rest of the day think about whether this was true or not. My initial reaction was…well I don’t know. I felt like both arguments were made clear, but as I sat and pondered…I realized environmentalism is not over.

I believe there are just so many obstacles that are standing in our way. As Simran made clear to us during last week’s class, environmentalism (well actually topics such as climate change) have been around for a lot longer than I would have ever thought. This whole conflict of conservatives versus liberals seems to influence why people would think environmentalism is dead. As Adam Werbach, co-founder of the Apollo Alliance and formerly the youngest ever President of the Sierra Club states,
Anti-environmental conservatives control all three branches of the federal government.” In response to that comment: maybe the storms and droughts are increasing because those who are in power and can actually do something are doing nothing about it!

It’s a good thing that there is an election coming up. Not to sound harsh about who is currently in office, but it seems that our nation will not progress in terms of environmentalism without this passion to success.

On the contrary, Shellenberger and Nordhaus comment, “Environmentalists are in a culture war whether they like it or not. It’s a war over core values as Americans and over our vision for the future.” I would respond by saying it is not about the culture, but that our vision for the future of our entire world is at stake.

When even mentioning the word environmentalism, so many questions come to hand. How is environmentalism still thriving? How will it be possible for environmentalists to show progression? Is it possible to seek more support? How is it possible to defend such an argument held by Shellenberger and Nordhaus?

-Dena Hart


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Dena, You say: “. . .it is not about the culture, but that our vision for the future of our entire world is at stake.” So what will it take to create a sense of urgency over what you describe as the end of the world as we know it — especially when everyone seems to feel fine?

Simran Sethi

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