J500 Media and the Environment

Who Knew?? by lindsaycr
January 23, 2008, 3:58 pm
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I never realized the extent to which I abused the environment. For example, when I took the ecological footprint quiz (http://www.earthday.net/footprint/index.asp#), I discovered that I totaled 28 acres, while the average person consumed 24! I couldn’t believe that I was wasting more than the average person since I thought I was somewhat environmentally conscious.

I know that my commute to Lawrence from KC twice a week is probably what tipped me over the edge, as well as the fact that I LOVE meat and eat it pretty much everyday, but I still was surprised by the outcome. I couldn’t believe that if everyone lived like me, there would need to be 6.2 planets! I seriously hope that someone else in the class got a higher number than me so I won’t feel so bad. Just kidding.

Anyways, I saw on someone else’s blog a comment about the movie Who Killed the Electric Car? (http://www.whokilledtheelectriccar.com/) I absolutely loved that movie and couldn’t believe all of that really happened. It was so sad when the company came and took all the cars away, and I know this is weird, but I almost cried at the end! I can’t wait until the day comes when we can just pull into the garage, plug in the car, and then be on our way. I hope that future is not too far away!

P.S. A new movie is coming out soon called Who Saved the Electric Car? Can’t wait to see it!



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Lindsay, I find your language so interesting. You love meat (so do I) and celebrate it but sound a little guilty about your travel and waste. How could we reframe your discoveries to highlight the opportunities? That is one of our challenges as storytellers. No one wants to spend their precious time consuming media that makes them feel bad. Our job is to balance the weight of our environmental impact with language that doesn’t turn our audience away.

Simran Sethi

Comment by j500


I too love meat. 🙂 And, although I live in Lawrence, I frequent the Kansas City-area a lot because I am from Overland Park. It just seems so “close” when in all reality, you shouldn’t be driving back and forth much (unless of course, you must for class or work). I agree that it’s surprising when you first figure out how much your “footstep” is… I think we all can help each other through this process, because we all are at different points of making those changes. I know some of us in this class are already very active about the environment and others just aren’t — yet (like me). I want to make those changes, I just hope I can find out what works for me so that I actually can.

Danae DeShazer

Comment by Danae DeShazer


Since we both live in Overland Park, we should commute sometime. Then we can share with the class what good little environmentalists we are! Anyways, I agree with what you said about helping each other become more economically friendly. If we all work together to change our bad habits, then it should start to have a huge effect all over the world. Plus, we can share tips about how to help save and protect the environment.

Lindsay Crupper

Comment by Lindsay

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