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Putting my foot in my mouth by travisjbrown
January 21, 2008, 6:31 pm
Filed under: Society + Media

18 acres. I have to say my footprint surprised me. I thought surely I was average if not over. But I was more surprised by the distribution of what affects my print I guess I was expecting my gas-guzzling SUV to have a larger toll on my print. That’s always where I have felt the most eco-guilt. I inherited a behemoth of a Ford Bronco and have driven it in shame ever since. It seems as if my guilt should be lying elsewhere. Actually only 1.7 of my 18 acres where attributed to my “mobility.” I, like others in the class, also feel that my household is extremely wasteful (mostly because of my environmentally dense roommates). “Shelter” still fell behind “food” and “goods/services.” These are two factors that I rarely consider.

I usually go to the grocery store when I’m starving and end up overshopping. Then, when I realize that much of my food has expired or rotted away, I starve myself again until I find the time to go to the grocery store and the cycle continues. This has always habit has always frustrated me, but only because uneaten food means wasted money. I have never once thought about how it was affecting the environment.

I’m glad I took this quiz. While I do feel that it could be more thorough and therefore more accurate, it has changed my perspective. I will be a much more contentious shopper from now on. This extra consideration will help lessen my footprint and save me some money.

-Travis Brown


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It’s in the way that you use it, no? I own a used PT Cruiser (most would expect a hybrid but I was unwilling to fork over that kind of money and couldn’t find a hyper-efficient used vehicle with low mileage in my price range). The truth is I drive about 3 miles a week and walk about 10 so it all evens out. Try taking the quiz at the end of the semester and see what happens in between.

Simran Sethi

Comment by j500

Well I feel that I am contentious about how I use it. I walk several miles a week and carpool when I’m able to. But I just got an internship in Topeka so now I’ll be driving over a hundred miles a week. The drive there and back costs me around $20. The ironic thing is that it the position is at a sustainability magazine. I’m hoping that I will be able to set up a carpool with other interns.

-Travis Brown

Comment by travisjbrown

Travis, you will! Kim and I will be your carpool buddies, remember?

Danae DeShazer

Comment by Danae DeShazer

Yeah definitely, Travis…180 miles a week…that’s halfway home to Arkansas for me. Crazy, huh?

Kim W

Comment by kimwallace

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